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Funding Sources for Construction Projects

  • Auxiliary Enterprise Funds- Proceeds from enterprises that are operated by the institution, such as parking, food service, or clinics.
  • Energy Performance Contracting- Funds available as the result of energy savings over a 15 year period. These savings are realized through implementation of energy cost reduction measures to conserve energy and save cost.
  • Federal Grants- Monetary grants received from various agencies of the federal government.
  • Gifts/Donations- Donations or gifts received from private individuals, corporations, or other organizations.
  • Higher Education Assistance Fund- Legislative appropriations earmarked for institutions not receiving Permanent University Fund monies.
  • Legislative Appropriations- State government funds allocated by the Texas Legislature for use by various state entities and programs.
  • Other Local Funds- Proceeds from various sources within the institution, or monies diverted from other line-items within the institutions original budget.
  • Other Revenue Bonds- Bond financing, authorized by an institutions Board of Regents, that can be repaid by proceeds from building use fees, student use fees or utility reserves.
  • Tuition Revenue Bonds are revenue bonds issued by the institution, equally secured by and payable from the same pledge for the institution's other revenue bonds. However, historically the Legislature has appropriated general revenue to the institution to off-set all or a portion of the debt service on the bonds.
  • Unexpended Plant Funds- Funding allocated for operation and maintenance of the physical plant, but was not utilized for that purpose.