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SPCC Program

Summary of SPCC Plan and Requirements

SPCC is an aqcronym for "Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures", it is required by EPA's Oil Pollution Prevention regulations (40CFR 112).

Regulations were first finalized in 1973. Applicable to Texas State since we store more than 1,320 gallons of fuel or oil. The most recent rule finalized in 2002 applies the rule to any tank or container greater than or equal to 55 gallons.  The volume of oil and fuel stored at Texas State is approximately 90,000 gallons.

The rule requires preparation of an SPCC Plan that is certifed by a Professional Engineer, the PE can be an employee of the university.  The rule and plan require:

  • Routine inspections of all oil containing units.
  • Annual storage and response training of all employees that work with used oil or fuel.
  • Secondary containment for all oil storage units greater than or equal to 55 gallons.
  • Tank integrity testing on large diesel storage tanks.

These items need to be implemented to be in compliance with the rule that was effective in 1973 and strengthened in 2002.



SPCC Plan2014_revised : 2014 SPCC Plan (PDF, 4 MB)

Revised May 2014


Spill Procedures : Short Spill Procedures (PPTX, 94 KB)