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Blanco Hall Renovations

Blanco Residence Hall Renovations

Blanco Residence Hall Renovations
Programmer: Facility Programming and Consulting
Architect: Pfluger Architects
Total Project Cost (DD): TBD\
Total Project Cost (CIP): $28,000,000
Contractor CM@R: SpawGlass Construction
Design Development Approval: November 2017 (Projected)
GMP Approval: December 2017 (Projected)
Construction Start: December 2017 (Projected)
Construction Completion: July 2019 (Projected)
Occupancy: August 2019 (Projected)

The estimated total project cost of $47.3 million will be expended in phases over a period of several years.  The scope of renovations and improvements to Blanco Residence Hall includes upgrades of the building utilities infrastructure; minor modifications to the main entry area, living rooms, bedrooms, and restrooms; and repairing/enhancing the exterior.  Interviews for the architect were held in March 2017 and Pfluger Architects of Austin were selected for the design phase. The Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) responses were received in March 2017, reviewed by the committee, and SpawGlass was selected as the contractor.

Status:  The current scope of work is being reviewed in detail by the stakeholders, architect and contractor with the main focus centered on MEP infrastructure improvements.

Next Milestone: The next milestone will be the start of design development activities.