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Blanco Hall Renovations

Blanco Residence Hall Renovations

Programmer: Facility Programming and Consulting

Architect: Pfluger Architects

Total Project Cost (DD): $29,600,000

Total Project Cost (CIP): $28,000,000

Contractor CM@R: SpawGlass Construction

Design Development Approval: November 2017 (Projected)

GMP Approval: December 2017 (Projected)

Construction Start: December 2017 (Projected)

Construction Completion: July 2019 (Projected)

Occupancy: August 2019 (Projected)

The Scope of Work for Blanco Hall Renovations includes new air handling units along with a few selected refurbished units; new pumps; new fan coil units; and cleaning the existing air ducts in the lobby. It includes the replacement of plumbing in the vertical chases, domestic water piping, sewer piping, and water closets. Additionally, the project includes relocation of electrical distribution panels and installation of new light fixtures in the corridors, bedrooms, bathrooms, and portions of the lobby. Pfluger Associates of Austin, Texas, is the architect and SpawGlass is the CMR. The TPC for this phased project is $29.6 million.

Status: Design approval for the project occurred at the November 2017 Board of Regents meeting.

Next Milestone: The next milestone is the approval of the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).