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Campus Recreation Sports Fields

Campus Recreation Sports Fields
Programmer: NA    
Architect: Sink Combs Dethlefs; Denver, Colorado
Total Project Cost (DD): $7,400,000
Total Project Cost (CIP): $3,000,000    
Contractor CSP: TBD
Design Development Approval: February 2018 (Actual)
CSP Approval: July 2018 (Projected)
Construction Start: July 2018 (Projected)
Construction Completion: Spring 2019 (Projected)
Occupancy: Spring 2019 (Projected)

The Feasibility Study for the development of the new multi-use Campus Recreation Sports Fields resolved basic inquiries regarding options for developing natural grass recreation playfields on a site previously used as the University‚Äôs golf course.  The Golf Pro-Shop wood structures were removed and a structural analysis was completed which determined that the historic stone shell of the building was stable for repurposing.  That structure is now completed and in use.  

Status: Sink Combs Dethlefs Architects of Denver, Colorado, completed the Design Approval Binders. The design approval was formalized at the February 2018 Board of Regents meeting with a TPC of $7.4 million.  The next phase will include the coordination efforts by the Center for Archeology Studies, as the construction documents are prepared.  The selection of the contractor via a Competitive Sealed Proposal is pending.

Next Milestone: The next milestone will be the production of the Construction Documents.