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Bruce and Gloria Ingram Hall

Bruce and Gloria Ingram Hall

Programmer: Facility Programming and Consulting

Architect: Treanor Architects

Total Project Cost (DD): $120,000,000

Total Project Cost (CIP): $120,000,000

Contractor CM@R: SpawGlass Construction

Design Development Approval: May 2016 (Actual)

GMP Approval: July 2016 (Actual)

Construction Start: August 2016 (Actual)

Construction Completion: Summer 2018 (Projected)

Occupancy: Fall 2018 (Projected)


Bruce and Gloria Ingram Hall (The Engineering and Science Building) TPC is $120 million at a total size of 166,851 gross square feet.


Status: Construction is approximately 65 percent complete and is on schedule. Occupancy remains targeted for July 2018 to accommodate students by August 2018.


Next Milestone: The CMR will continue with underground site utilities construction. The clickable link for the live-camera is located at