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LBJ Student Center Expansion

LBJ Student Center Expansion - In the Planning and Design Phase

Programmer: Facility Programming and Consulting

Architect: Atkins Architects

Total Project Cost (DD): TBD

Total Project Cost (CIP): $41,425,366

Contractor CM@R: TBD

Design Development Approval: February 2018 (Projected)

GMP Approval: May 2018 (Projected)

Construction Start: May 2018 (Projected)

Construction Completion: May 2020 (Projected)

Occupancy: August 2020 (Projected)


The existing LBJ Student Center will expand by approximately 30,000 to 40,000 gross square feet and will include the renovation of some additional square feet. The new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing building infrastructure systems will integrate with the recently upgraded building infrastructure that was part of the recent LBJ Student Center Renovations. The expansion will include a refurbished main entry lobby, a second ballroom, conference rooms, meeting spaces, shared spaces for informal student gatherings and study spaces, a new multi-cultural area, and improved circulation within the expansion and renovated areas. It will also expand and renovate the Welcome Center suite and create an Alumni Center for Alumni Relations. Atkins and Moody Nolan were the selected architects and Vaughn Construction was selected as the Construction Manager at Risk.


Status: The design approval for the project will be requested at the February 2018 Board of Regents meeting with a TPC of $31.2 million.


Next Milestone: The Board of Regents approval in February 2018 is the next milestone.