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CEU Program

Recommended Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Program
Division of Finance and Support Services

(Revised 04/27/2020, Effective January 2010)

Professional development helps to maintain and improve the quality of the staff who provide services to the University and its students. The Finance and Support Services Division supports the following statement:

“…persons at all levels are expected to develop individual plans of action for working toward personal and professional goals which will enhance their job performance… Supervisors are expected to encourage and support their staff members’ developmental efforts and to conduct a yearly face-to-face evaluation session with each staff member.”


Continuing Education Units (CEU)

Beginning in January 2010, it is the goal of the Finance and Support Services Division that all employees complete a minimum number of continuing education units each performance management year (June 1 - May 31). Professional development activities of the staff in Finance and Support Services are not limited to the annual CEU minimums. Based on the job classification of the employee, the suggested CEU hourly minimums are:

Classified Staff, 9 hours
Unclassified Staff, 12 hours
Directors/Administrators, 15 hours

An hour is defined as a minimum of 50 minutes of attendance/participation in an acceptable continuing education program or activity.

For persons employed for only part of a year or less than full-time in Finance and Support Services, CEU requirements are prorated.

Supervisors will provide adequate opportunities to employees to earn CEUs during their work hours. During critical periods, however, supervisors may choose to not allow attendance in continuing education programs.  It is understood that the goal may not be attainable if such critical periods persist throughout the year.

Continuing Education Programs and Distribution of CEUs

The purpose of CEUs is to establish a minimum standard for professional development activities. Therefore, CEUs each year must be from programs or activities directly related to the staff member’s job function and field or enhance job performance. Supervisors will determine which programs and activities meet these criteria. No social functions, even those sponsored by professional organizations or groups, may be counted as CEUs.

Five categories of programs or activities are appropriate for CEUs in Finance and Support Services. The content of a program or activity determines whether it meets the specific professional development needs of the staff.

  1. Skills/Staff Development Programs; (which include the following)
    • Office of Professional Development (on-campus) Programs
    • Faculty Advancement Center Programs
    • Texas State Departmental Educational Seminars/Programs/Workshops
      (e.g., Facilities – Facilities Focus, SAP Training - Human Resources/Budget/Financial Services)  
    • Physical Plant Training Programs
    • Computer Resource & Training Center Programs
  2. Professional Conferences/Workshops/Webcasts
  3. Professional Activities Related to Field
  4. College/University Courses
  5. Professional Presentations, Publications, & Grants

Performance Evaluations

Continuing education is integral in the development and performance of persons in Finance and Support Services. Participation in professional development programs and/or activities (listed above) should be reported and considered in annual performance reviews each spring under Part II Personal and Career Development, Question 4b. Fulfillment of CEU requirements is only one aspect of the performance review and should be weighted accordingly in the overall rating.

For questions, comments or concerns about the continuing education and staff development programs or requirements in Finance and Support Services, please contact the Associate Vice President for Finance and Support Services Planning in the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Support Services.

Finance and Support Services
Personal Staff Development Log


Job Classification:
Please log in all staff development programs you attend.  Information needs to be complete.  Where possible, attach copies of attendance certificates with your log.  You will need to coordinate activity attendance with your supervisor.  Your log may be reviewed as part of the evaluation process.

Content Areas: The following key should be used to determine the content area of the programs you attend:

1 = Skills/Staff development programs; (Office of Professional Development [on-campus] programs, Faculty Advancement programs, Texas State departmental seminars/programs/workshops, Physical Plant Training programs, SAP Training programs, Computer Resource & Training Center programs.)

2 = Professional Conferences/Workshops/Webcasts

3 = Professional Activities Related to Field

4 = College/University Courses

5 = Professional Presentations, Publications, & Grants

Hours of attendance:  List actual participation, meals are not included.  An hour is defined as a minimum of 50 minutes of attendance/participation in an acceptable continuing education program or activity.

Dates Program/Activity Content Area Total Hours

Total # of Hours of Skill/Staff development:______________

Suggested CEU Minimums:

  • Classified Staff – 9 hours
  • Unclassified Staff – 12 hours
  • Director’s/Administrators – 15 hours