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JCK 11th Floor Reed Parr Room A/V System Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Set Up

Where are the Control Panels?

Control Panels can be found in the following areas:

  • under the main monitor on the media cabinet
  • in the control room under the main monitor in the computer rack
  • on the wall facing the Regents Room (around the corner from the control room)

What do I do if the control screen is not on?

Main Screen Image (Touch Screen Anywhere to Begin)

The control screens have proximity sensors on them. As you approach the screen the screen should activate.

When the screen is active, you will see the instructions to "Touch Screen Anywhere to Begin."

How to I make the turn on the projector and make the display screen come down?

When the main screen is activated, the projector should power on and the screen will come down from the ceiling. The current status of the display should be lit up. If the display shows as Blank (screen down, but display off) or Off (screen up, and display off), touch the ON button under Display.


How do I use a laptop with the Media Cabinet?

There are three places you can connect a laptop:

  1. Media Cabinet (HDMI or VGA and Audio connections)
  2. Back Wall Plate (HDMI or VGA and Audio connections)
  3. Audio/Visual Closet (HDMI or VGA and Audio connections)
Laptop Control Screen

Make sure you select the correct  source by touching the circle with the HDMI or VGA connector (see Laptop Controls screen).

NOTE: when connecting with the VGA cable, make sure to plug the 3.5mm audio input into the laptop's sound port, or it will not be heard. HDMI will automatically connect both video and audio.

Can I just use the audio and not use the display?

If you want to use the audio but not the video, connect your media device using the 3.5 mm audio cable and select VGA from the Laptop Controls screen. Make sure the display is turned OFF.

Setting Up Audio

Where can people hear the audio?

There are two main areas in which you can hear audio: the main room and the lobby. Overall volume settings are optimized for the main room. The speakers in the back of the main room will be slightly louder than those at the front to allow those in the back to hear more clearly.

How do I turn the volume up/down in the different areas?

Lobby Volume Controls

Main Room

The main Volume Control is on the right side of the screen. These will affect all speakers in the main room (computer/device sound and microphone output). Muting the speakers on this panel will mute both the main room and lobby speakers.


Lobby speakers are controlled separately using the Lobby Controls tab (see Lobby Tab at right). Muting the Lobby Speakers will ONLY mute sound in the lobby.
You cannot have separate Lobby and Main Room sound.

Audio but not Microphones

You can also control the volume on the computer or device that is supplying the audio. It is easiest to control the volume here as the main volume controls will affect the entire room and microphones.

How do I turn down individual volumes for the microphones?

Microphone TabYou can change individual volumes using the Microphone tab.
There are two pages on the tab, so if you do not see the microphone you wish to adjust, you may need to move to the second tab. 

Keep in mind when adjusting the microphone volume that turning up the levels can result in feedback as a presenter is moving around the room and stands under a speaker.

First Tab

  • Podium - microphone on President's Podium
  • Gooseneck - microphone on Media Cabinet
  • Lav #1 - Lavalier (clip-on) microphone #1
  • HH #1 - Hand Held microphone #1

Second Tab

  • Lav #2 - Lavalier (clip-on) microphone #2
  • HH #2 - Hand Held microphone #2

Using the Camera

The Reed Parr room has a camera mounted just below the clock in the back of the room.

How to I control the camera?

Camera Controls

There are three default settings for the Camera which can be found under the Camera Controls tab.  Touch a number to select the camera default, and then use the directional arrows and zoom controls to fine tune the camera.

How do I use the camera for a Zoom Meeting?

You can find support for Zoom on the ITAC Zoom Support Page. You will first need to set up a Zoom Meeting. Log into the computer in the media cabinet and begin your zoom meeting.

TIP: remember that Zoom settings are user specific and the Zoom controls on the media cabinet PC will be set to default. If you have specific preferences, you will need to readjust as necessary.

If you need additional help in setting up your meeting, please contact ITAC.