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FSS Quarterly Team Award Recipients

January-Utilities Operations Team
April-Net ID People Admin Team
July-Travel Office Team
October-Payroll and Tax Compliance Office Team

January-Student Business Services & Treasurer Team
April-Facilities January 2018 Freeze Team
July-Plumbing Shop Team
October-EHSRM Spill Response Team

January-UEC Project Manager Team
April-Exterior Lighting Upgrade Team
July-Texas State Welcome Wall Correction Team
October-Grounds Operations Team

January-People Admin Implementation Team
April-Planning Design Construction Procurement Team
July-FPDC Project Manager's Manual Team
October-Carpenter and Paint Shop Team

January-Employee Wellness Fair Team
April-Electronic Verification of Equipment (EVE) Team
July-e-IDT Team
October-Custodial Operations Team

January-Budget Reports Team
April-Parking Services Team
July-e-NPO Team
October-Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Team

January-Electric Infrastructure Upgrade Team
April-Health Professions Building Preparation Team, Custodial Operations
July-Office of Facilities Planning Design & Construction Core Team
October-CIM (Concrete Industry Management) Project Team

1993-2012 (PDF, 158 KB)