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Annual Budget Review

Through the annual budget review framework, Texas State aims to:

  • Align resources with institutional priorities
  • Support the budget process with reliable data and analysis
  • Ensure budget transparency
  • Incentivize revenue growth and cost effectiveness
  • Maintain fiscal accountability and management of resources
  • Evaluate the budget process periodically and making adjustments as necessary
  • Promote clarity and understanding of the budget for academic and administrative leaders with financial responsibilities
  • Encourage unit accountability 

Fiscal Year 2021 Budgets Memo:

Fiscal Year 2021 Operating Budget

The Fiscal Year 2021 budget for accounts in E&G, Designated, and Auxiliary funds has been uploaded into SAP and submitted to the Texas State University System Board of Regents.  The Board approved the operating budget on August 13.  

Account managers and their authorized designees can review their budgets now using the Budget to Actual report (ZBUDACT) in SAP.

Salary Encumbrances for Fiscal Year 2021

The program that will create salary and fringe encumbrances for FY 2021 is scheduled to be run on Friday, September 11.  Please review your accounts with the Budget to Actual report after that date to ensure that your budgets and encumbrances are correct for the new fiscal year.  As a reminder, the program only encumbers salary for employees paid in the monthly payroll.  Also, please remember you may use the Business Explorer (BEx) program to compare the position salary budgets to employee or positions cost.

For further information or for assistance, call the Office of Budgeting, Financial Planning & Analysis at 5-2376 or email us at