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What is managing Diversity? A comprehensive managerial process of developing an environment that works for all employees and is integrated into all functions. Power is shared and managers are held accountable for diversity related policies and procedures. The organizational climate is changed to ensure the success and advancement of all people. The organizational culture is examined for barriers to diversity which are subsequently removed.

Why have a Diversity initiative? It makes good business sense to use the talent of all employees, to gain a maximum of effort, therefore, affecting employee productivity. A successful organization earns trust which in turn improves attitudes followed by increased productivity. Diversity initiatives get individuals involved, improve morale, minimize stereotyping, encourage and support positive attitudes and increase individual creativity.

What is the difference between Diversity and affirmative action? Diversity is all-inclusive, while affirmative action (AA) focuses on minorities and women. The motivation for AA is to meet legal responsibilities while Diversity works to improve productivity. AA provides for a visibly diverse workforce and Diversity gives the organization a competitive advantage.