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Recycling Program

In an effort to help preserve natural resources, Texas State has developed and maintains a Recycling Program.  The program is primarily the responsibility of Facilities - Grounds Operations. The RECYCLE CENTER recycles paper products, glass, plastic, and aluminum cans. For more information on recycling any of this products or how you can get your area setup for scheduled pickups click on the RECYCLE CENTER link at the top of the column on the left.

Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management assists the RECYCLE CENTER by collecting and recycling other miscellaneous items. Items that EHSRM recycles include:

  • Batteries - Alkaline and rechargeable (sorry no car batteries)
  • Cell phones
  • Ink jet cartridges


9 Volt Battery

At the present time there are 41 locations around the campus for the collection of old batteries, both alkaline and rechargeable. For a complete listing of locations click the following Battery Recycle Locations.


Batts brochure (PDF, 1 MB)

Cell Phones and Ink Jet Cartridges

Presently EHSRM is in the process of finding locations to setup recycling centers for old cell phones, ink and toner cartidges. If your department would like to have a location setup in your building please contact us.

If you have some of these items that you would like to recycle at this time please contact us at 245-3616 or complete a Recycle Request form and we will make arrangements to come to your office/area to pick them up.

Personal Cell Phones

Warning: DO NOT put your personal information at risk!

Remove all personal information from your cell phone before you recycle it.

University-Owned Cell Phones

All University-owned cell phones that are no longer being used should be returned to ITAC to be shredded.