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Proper Electrical Repair Procedures

It will be mentioned that no electrical device should be opened, repaired, upgraded or changed with the power circuit energized to that device if possible.

There are times when an electrical device will be worked on for some reason while the device circuit is energized.  All safety precautions and equipment will be utilized to safe guard the employee from coming in contact with a live electrical circuit.
If an electrical device is requested by work order for repair, these procedures should always be followed no matter the situation:

  1. The electrical device circuit should be tested to see if the device is energized before any attempt of repair.  There are many UL listed devices that can be used for this testing procedure.
  2. If the device circuit is energized, then the power sources should be located by subpanel and breaker location or by using a tracer device to locate the circuit breaker and then the breaker for that circuit should be switched off and locked out and tagged out (LO/TO) as prescribed by Texas State University Standards FSS/PPS No. 04.05.02.
  3. If the electrical circuit cannot be located and the device must be repaired with the electrical circuit energized (HOT), then this procedure will be followed to insure that the HOT circuit will not come in contact with the device or the person doing the repairs.
  • The HOT circuit will be identified and will be isolated from the device frame by removing the HOT circuit from the device junction block, wire nut connection or internal connection.
  • The HOT circuit will have a wire nut or some type of insulated termination installed and tested before any attempt to repair the device.  If the wire nut is larger than the wire itself than the employee will either fold the wire to increase the size of the wire so that the wire nut will attach to the HOT circuit or the employee will wrap the HOT circuit with UL listed electrical rubber and vinyl tape to prevent the HOT circuit from coming in contact with the frame or the employee.
  • If the device is to be repaired with a HOT circuit in the device than there will be no less than two employees assigned to the repairs in the case that there will be a safety person on site if a electrocution were to occur.
  • Once the device is repaired than the HOT circuit can be reattached to the device to energize the device.


May 2011
Revised November 2014