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Fire Response

If you see a fire or smoke, or if you smell smoke, complete the following steps:

  1. Pull the fire pull station to begin evacuating the building.
  2. If you are not in immediate danger, call 911 to report the fire. Provide the operator with the following information:
  • Building or area name
  • Approximate location of the fire
  • Size and type of fire
  • Your name
  1. If you are formally trained in fire fighting techniques and are not in immediate danger, you may attempt to fight the fire. Do not place yourself or others in unnecessary danger.
  2. Exit the building by following posted evacuation routes. Do not use elevators during an emergency.

During actual emergencies, building occupants must receive permission from the UPD, the Fire Department, or EHSRM before re-entering the building.

Evacuation plans and fire drills are essential for building occupants to respond correctly to a fire alarm. Refer to the Emergency Preparedness chapter for more information.

If you suspect arson, no matter how small the incident, contact the UPD or EHSRM. Do not alter the fire scene in any way, unless you are trying to extinguish a live fire. The UPD and Fire Department work together to investigate possible arson.

May 2011
Revised November 2014