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Accident Reporting

An accident is an unplanned occurrence that may result in damage to people, property, equipment, or the environment. When accidents are reported promptly, injured employees, students, and visitors receive timely medical care and unsafe conditions receive prompt corrective action. The Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management office (EHSRM) investigates accidents to identify accident trends, determine the effectiveness of current safety programs, and prevent future accidents.


Report all accidents to your supervisor, EHSRM, or the University Police Department, as appropriate. If an injury or exposure occurs on-the-job, the injured employee’s supervisor must complete the Supervisor’s Report of Incident, Injury or Illness, available on the EHSRM webpage (



  • Report hazards such as missing manhole covers or chemical spills, to Facilities (245‑2148).  Report accidents such as vehicle collisions to the University Police Department (UPD).
  • Report unsafe conditions or potentially hazardous situations to Facilities Operations (245-2148) or the EHSRM as quickly as possible. The Office will then contact other departments and outside agencies as appropriate.

Revised May 2011
Reviewed November 2014