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Bicycle Safety

In 2009 there were 630 fatalities and 51,000 injuries among cyclists in the U.S. Cyclists must take precautions when driving on city and University streets.

Follow these safety precautions when riding a bicycle:

  • Always obey all traffic laws: Stop at stop signs.
  • Ride in the correct direction on one-way streets.
  • Stop at railroad tracks when the warning signals are operating.
  • When riding with other cyclists, ride single file in traffic.
  • When bike lanes are available, use them. If bike lanes are not available, stay as far right as possible on the street pavement. Watch for opening car doors, sewer gratings, debris, etc. Do not ride on sidewalks.
  • Use hand signals when turning or changing lanes.
  • Wear a helmet that is approved by ANSI or the Snell Memorial Foundation. (Head injuries account for 75% of all cycling fatalities.)
  • If riding at night, make sure your bicycle has reflectors on the rear, front, spokes, and pedals. Wear bright, reflective clothing.





May 2011
Reviewed November 2014