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Albert B. Alkek Library Learning Commons

Albert B. Alkek Library Learning Commons

Feasibility Study: Perry Dean Rogers
Programmer: Facility Programming and Consulting  
Architect: Brown Reynolds Watford, Dallas, TX
Total Project Cost (CIP): $12,612,894    
Total Project Cost (DD): $8,300,000    
Contractor CM@R: JE Dunn Construction, Austin, TX
Design Development Approval: August 2018
GMP Approval: September 2018 (Actual)
Construction Start: October 2018 (Actual)
Construction Completion: February 2020 (Projected)
Occupancy: Spring 2020 (Projected)

In the Construction Phase - The Albert B. Alkek Library Learning Commons has a TPC of approximately $8.3 million for phase one and was on the CIP at $12,612,894. The scope of work includes the repurposing of space to create a Learning Commons on the second floor and portions of the first, third, and fourth floors of the Albert B. Alkek Library.

Status:  BRW Architects is the design team and JE Dunn Construction is the CMR.  The Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) was approved by the System office and construction is underway with selected demolition.  The percent complete for construction is 5% complete. The metal shelving systems are being removed to be recycled and metal tracks and metal studs are being installed on the 4th Level.  The design also includes a Starbucks coffee shop based on the new image that Starbucks has developed for their stores.  A Buck Winn 6’ x 80’, 3-panel mural is being framed by a preservationist and will be installed on the main level.

Next Milestone:  The next milestone will be reviews of Certified Applications for Payments #1 and #2.