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Hilltop Housing Complex

Hilltop Housing Complex

Programmer: Facility Programming and Consulting
Architect: Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek, Austin, TX.
Total Project Cost (TPC): $96,760,000
Total Project Cost (CIP): $132,252,870
Contractor CMR:    Vaughn Construction
Design Development Approval: May 2019 (Actual)
GMP Approval: TBD
Construction Start: April 2021 (Projected)
Construction Completion: July 2023 (Projected)
Occupancy: August 2023 (Projected)

Facilities Programming and Consulting completed the Architectural Space Program for the Hilltop Housing Complex. The scope of work includes the demolition of Hornsby and Burleson Halls, construction of a new housing complex on the Hilltop area of the San Marcos Campus, and utility upgrades.

Status: The utility upgrades, and demolition of Hornsby and Burleson Halls is complete. Design development was approved for the Hilltop Housing Complex during the May 2019 Board of Regents meeting. The CCL was reduced to $70,971,092 based on 1006 beds. Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek Architects is the A/E, and Vaughn Construction is the CMR.

Next Milestone: The Architect is scheduled to complete construction documents in August 2020, but construction will not start until April 2021.