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Hilltop Housing Complex

Hilltop Housing Complex (Utility Upgrades)

Programmer: Facility Programming and Consulting    
Architect: Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek, Austin, TX
Total Project Cost (DD): $96,760,000
Total Project Cost (CIP): $132,252,870    
Contractor CMR: Vaughn Construction
Design Development Approval: May 2019 (Actual)
GMP Approval: TBD
Construction Start: TBD
Construction Completion: TBD
Occupancy: TBD

Facilities Programming and Consulting completed the Architectural Space Program for the Hilltop Housing Complex. The scope of work included the demolition of Hornsby and Burleson Halls, construction of a new housing complex on the Hilltop area of the San Marcos Campus, and utility upgrades.      

Status: The project includes upgrades to the utilities to support the Hilltop Housing Complex project, future Hilltop academic and research buildings, and other campus-wide needs.  The TPC for the utility upgrades is approximately $5 million.  Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek Architects is the A/E, and Vaughn Construction is the CMR. The utility portion of this project is underway at 2% complete.

Next Milestone:  Construction of the utility upgrades is underway with substantial completion in spring 2020.