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Hines Academic Center Structural Improvements

Hines Academic Center Structural Improvements

Programmer: NA
Architect: Wiss Janey Elstner, Austin, TX
Total Project Cost (DD): $6,000,000
Total Project Cost (CIP): $6,000,000
Contractor JOC: TBD
Design Development Approval:    May 2019 (Projected)
GMP Approval: June 2019 (Projected)
Construction Start: June 2019 (Projected)
Construction Completion: May 2020 (Projected)
Occupancy: June 2020 (Projected)

Urgent repairs in an estimated amount of $6 million are needed as part of the Hines Academic Center Structural Improvements project. The project will include rebuilding the exterior facade of one side of the building and making associated structural repairs.  

Status:  With the assistance of Jaster Quintanilla Structural Engineers, it was determined that the issues with the building’s cracking brick veneer was not a structural issue.  WJE Engineers determined that the movement was attributable to water intrusion.  The final scope of work, with a more accurate construction cost estimate, will be determined in August 2018. The project is on the current CIP.

Next Milestone:  The next milestone will be the production of the Construction Documents.