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Infrastructure Research Laboratory (STAR Park)

Infrastructure Research Laboratory (STAR Park)

Programmer: Facility Programming and Consulting
Architect: TBD
Total Project Cost (TPC): $12,000,000
Total Project Cost (CIP): $12,000,000
Contractor (CSP): TBD
Design Development Approval: November 2020 (Pending)
Construction Start: TBD
Construction Completion: TBD
Occupancy: TBD

Facilities Programming and Consulting completed the Architectural Space Program for the Infrastructure Research Laboratory. The scope of work includes the construction of a state-of-the-art research lab that will provide strength and structural testing for concrete beams, materials and other advanced technologies.

Status: Architect/Engineering (A/E) selection is currently underway.

Next Milestone:  Selection of A/E Consultant. Start of project design.