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Multi Use Recreation Fields

Multi Use Recreation Fields

Programmer: NA    
Architect: Perkins Will (Sink Combs Dethlefs); Denver
Total Project Cost (DD): $7,400,000
Total Project Cost (CIP): $3,000,000    
Contractor CSP: Vaughn Construction
Design Development Approval: February 2018 (Actual)
CSP Approval: February 2019 (Actual)
Construction Start: May 2019 (Actual)
Construction Completion: Spring 2020 (Projected)
Occupancy: Spring 2020 (Projected)

The Multi Use Recreation Fields includes two playing fields and a support building.

Status: Perkins+Will is the A/E and Vaughn Construction is the General Contractor.  The Construction Phase is underway with completion of the site grading and irrigation.  Construction of the support building and installation of the perimeter fencing is underway.  The project is 55 percent complete.  Substantial Completion is anticipated by spring 2020.

Next Milestone: Sod playing fields by November 2019.