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Roy F. Mitte Space Reconfigurations

Roy F. Mitte Building Space Reconfigurations

Programmer: Facility Programming and Consulting
Architect: Brown Reynolds Watford (BRW), Dallas, TX
Total Project Cost (DD): $7,500,000
Total Project Cost (CIP): $6,000,000
Contractor CMR:    Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors
Design Development Approval: May 2019 (Actual)
GMP Approval: July 2019 (Projected)
Construction Start: August 2019 (Projected)
Construction Completion: July 2020 (Projected)
Occupancy: August 2020 (Projected)

The Roy F. Mitte Building Space Reconfigurations project, with a TPC of $7.5 million, will repurpose vacated spaces relocated to Ingram Hall in December 2018/January 2019.

Status: Design development was approved for the Roy F. Mitte Building Space Reconfigurations during the May 2019 Board of Regents meeting. Construction will begin in late summer 2019 and Substantial Completion is targeted for fall 2020. The design team is Brown Reynolds Watford Architects, and the CMR is Hill-Wilkinson Contractors.

Next Milestone: The next milestone will be the start of construction in August 2019.