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Campus Construction

The university is making additions and improvements to better your experience at Texas State. The following list of projects, which are in various stages of development, represent $600 million in current and future investment.

Project Cost ($) Status
Albert B. Alkek Library Learning Commons 10,862,895 Program forwarded to TSUS
Albert B. Alkek Library 7th Floor Wittliff Collection Expansion $5,600,000 Architectural Space Program underway
Albert B. Alkek Library Renovations 14,024,925

Additional work is underway

Archives and Research Center 15,415,900 Construction ~90%
Blanco Hall Renovation 28,000,000

Contractor selection in process

Bruce and Gloria Ingram Hall 120,000,000 Construction ~21%
Campus Recreation Sports Fields 3,000,000 Construction Documents underway
Elliott Hall Repurposing 6,500,000 Pre-programming work underway
Health Professions 1 67,500,000 Construction ~25%
Health Professions 2 45,000,000 Total project cost adjusted by TSUS
Health Professions Building Space Reconfigurations 5,400,000 Design begins
summer 2017
Infrastructure Research Laboratory (STAR Park) 12,000,000 Architectural Space Program underway
LBJ Student Center Expansion 41,425,366 Design begins
May 2017
LBJ Student Center Renovation 20,113,150 Construction ~14%
Music Building 61,365,000 Total project cost adjusted by TSUS
New Residence Hall Complex 132,252,870 Program to be revised
Retama Residence Hall Renovations 10,937,378 Construction ~80%
Roy F. Mitte Building Space Reconfigurations 5,400,000 Architectural Space Program underway
University Events Center Expansion
62,500,00 Construction ~13%