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Campus Construction

The university is making additions and improvements to better your experience at Texas State. The following list of projects, which are in various stages of development, represent over $500 million in current and future investment.

Project COST  ($) Status

ALERRT Center Office & Parking

2,303,449 On hold pending land use and land ownership issues

Anthropology Laboratory

1,900,000 95% complete

Bobcat Stadium Seating Anchor Replacement

2,200,000 10% complete
Bobcat Stadium South End Zone Addition 16,491,884 Budget and phasing plan development

Campus Potable Water System Upgrades

6,000,000 Construction documents are under review

Esperanza Hall

88,000,000 Pending TRB funding
Evans Auditorium Renovation 3,000,000 Design development
Hilltop Housing Complex 96,760,000 Construction documents are complete
Infrastructure Research Laboratory (STAR Park) 14,026,687 1% complete
Live Oak Hall 10,000,000 18% complete
Music Building 90,000,000 Pending TRB funding
Nueces Testing Center 3,900,000 Schematic Design development
Pecan Building 9,000,000 75% complete
Spring Lake Hall Exhibition & Patio Renovations 13,310,000 Conceptual designs are complete
STEM Classroom Building 157,000,000 Pending TRB funding